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A New Use For Irrigation Tubing

In the last issue, we talked about what BRUCO is doing to preserve the balance of nature that we all have the privilege to enjoy in the beautiful wilderness areas of Montana and Wyoming.
We’ve recently partnered with an innovative company that manufactures crop irrigation tubing which can only be used for one growing season. They collect the tubing at the end of the season to recycle them.  Delta Plastics recycling plant in Stuttgart, Arkansas takes the tubing which looks like this:
and transforms them into SCS-certified PCR resin which looks like this:
These beads are taken to the Revolution Bag plant where it’s converted into blown film to make EPA compliant Revolution trash bags.
John Brown University in Arkansas has an enrollment of about 2000 students which is a little smaller than Montana Tech.  They saved $5,000 annually by making the switch to Revolution Bags from their previous bag contract.  Just recently, Kum & Go, the fifth largest privately held convenience store chain was highlighted in this July 14th press release.
“With this initiative, Kum & Go has reduced the amount of material sent to the landfill by more than 30 percent while shrinking the use of virgin resin by over 97 percent,” said Tomas Boltnar, Cost Manager for Kum & Go.  “Revolution Bag provides an environmentally friendly solution with a significant cost savings.”
BRUCO is proud to have Revolution Bags as part of our line up of environmentally friendly companies.

 Contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020 for a list of sizes and pricing.