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New Hard Floor Care Innovations

New Hard Floor Care Innovations!

Meet the i-mop XL.
  • Effectiveness: Balanced weight distribution and twin counter-rotating brushes remove more surface soil than traditional mop and bucket “cleaning”.
  • Efficiency: Increase productivity rates versus manual mopping, in addition to reducing chemical and water usage with the i-mop XL’s patented Fluid Management Systems.
  • Ergonomics and personal safety: i-mop XL’s unique ergonomic design helps reduce slip and fall hazards and foot traffic disruption vs. a traditional mop and bucket.
  • Maneuverability: Works in tight spaces and underneath obstacles with its 360 degree handle

i-mop XL
i-mop XL

ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro 
ProTeam, Inc. recently introduced the enhanced GoFree® Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum.  The upgraded design provides a longer battery run-time – 75 minutes!  
In a facility that vacuums 10,000 square feet per day, you would save $9,926 over the course of one year based on 264 working days between an upright and a corded backpack and would save $11,695 between an upright and a battery backpack.  
Backpack vacuums pay for themselves in just a few months.

Sq. Ft. per Hour
Cost per 10,000 sq ft. at $15 per hour
Annual Savings
Upright Vacuum 2,850 $52.60
Corded Backpack Vacuum
Battery Backpack Vacuum
$8.30 $11,695.00

Check out all the features in this short four minute video.

Clearance Sale! 
We have two ProTeam® GoFree® Pro BackPack Vacuums with the 60 minute battery run-time left on our floor.  We’re offering a discounted price of $1,199 to make room for the new models!  

Floor Safe Tiles
The Andersen Company has introduced a resilient solution to extend the life of your valuable gym floors during events. 
These 10.7 square foot stain resistant carpet tiles are a long lasting alternative to using tarp.  Spills are easy to handle.  Simply use an spot extractor or power wash the spot out of the affected tile.  Watch this 2:26 minute video for more!

Andersen Floor Safe Tiles
Andersen Floor Safe Tiles

To get a quote or to schedule an onsite demo for equipment that you’re interested in, please email us, contact your local BRUCO rep or give us a call at 800-652-1020.