Hire Some Equipment!

We’ve all got budgets to manage and it’s that time of year for schools and other businesses.
To help you when considering where to allocate those dollars I’m going to give you an example of a return on your investment of a riding scrubber over mopping by hand or a walk behind scrubber.
Even in the short term, you’ll see a savings but when you look at the 10 year return, the results are dramatic.
For example, one of the school districts we work with were using a mop and bucket to clean 22,200 square feet of corridors including the cafeteria and gymnasium.  When comparing the cost of equipment and labor in the first year the difference between the two solutions was $3,500 higher than the mop and bucket to use the riding scrubber.
However, over the next ten years, this school saved $125,000 by automating the solution.  That’s $12,500 per year.
That’s obviously a big savings going from mop and bucket to riding scrubber, not to mention taking the physical strain off of the custodial staff.
What if you’re using a walk behind scrubber versus a riding scrubber?
At a retirement center in Wyoming we did an analysis.  They spend 4 hours per day cleaning floors with the walk behind compared to 1.33 hours per day with a riding scrubber.  Based on a loaded hourly wage of $15 per hour, they saved $2,000 in the first year.
Over the next ten years, they will save $112,050.  This enables them to reallocate 747 labor hours to take care of other more critical areas of concern such as preventing hospital acquired infections by cleaning highly touched objects more frequently.


If you’d like our staff to work with you on putting numbers around upgrading your processes in order to reallocate labor hours for your facility, please contact us online or give us a call at 800.652.1020!