GO Cordless!

A cordless backpack vacuum may seem like a luxury until you work the numbers.
Studies have shown that quality battery backpack vacuums, like the GoFree Flex Pro designed by ProTeam, clean up to 18,000 sq. ft. per hour.
Sq. Ft. per Hour
Cost per 10,000 sq ft. at $15 per hour
Upright Vacuum 2,850 $52.60
Corded Backpack Vacuum
Battery Backpack Vacuum
In a facility that vacuums 10,000 square feet per day, you would save $9,926 over the course of one year based on 264 working days between an upright and a corded backpack and would save $11,695 between an upright and a battery backpack.  Backpack vacuums pay for themselves in a few months.
The cordless backpack has many advantages and is a perfect choice for healthcare facilities, schools and offices.
Check out this quick video to see all the reasons why.
ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro

  • Quiet operation allows for daytime cleaning
  • Eliminate trip hazards
  • Vacuum around chairs without having to take time move them out of the way
  • Great for stairwells where there may be no outlets
  • No cords to get hung up on cubicle panels and display racks
  • Great for hard floor surface cleaning

Call your BRUCO rep and we’ll do an ROI calculation for you to determine how many months it would take for this huge time saver to pay for itself!