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Carpet Care and Hard Floor Care Training Videos



Floor Care Training Videos
BRUCO University is the core of our business.  We work hard to train our representatives so they can help you assess your processes and equipment to optimize your cleaning staff’s efficiency.  We also offer training for your staff to keep them up to date on new techniques and innovations in the industry.
It may be a good time to schedule a training at your facility.  Consult with our Director of Education, Brian Waddell, to customize a session to address areas of interest.  We also have a training room at our Billings office. 

Proper training not only provides the best outcome for your facility, but avoids costly repairs or replacement of surfaces due to errors in use and application.

Below is a video of Tony Sandau training a group of custodians on Carpet Care Basics.  It’s about 45 minutes long which would be perfect to view over a brown bag lunch or pizza with your team. 
Basic Carpet Care with Tony Sandau
Basic Carpet Care with Tony Sandau

Another great source of training videos for your team can be found on the
BRUCO Inc. YouTube Channel.  In particular, there is a playlist titled SSS Floorcare Procedures with 8 training videos.  Here is a six minute video covering “Applying Floor Finish and Sealer”.  All of the videos in this series are under seven minutes in length.

Applying Floor Finish/Sealer
Applying Floor Finish/Sealer

Consider using  
BRUCO Brand Ultra Coat High Traffic Floor Finish.  This special formula is designed to extend your recoat and stripping cycles.  It’s a high solids (24.5%) low odor finish.  We’ve also introduced a new stripper to our line of BRUCO products.  
BRUCO Ultra EZ-Off Power Stripper is a concentrated formula that does the job with one application.
To schedule a training for your staff on site or at the BRUCO University training room, please contact Brian Waddell at 406-839-4724 or email him at

Promotion Title
Tennant Equipment Sale!
May 15th – July 15th 
Models with ecH20 or Ready Space up to 10% off
Battery Equipment: 8% off
(i-mop XL excluded)

Corded Electric:  5% off


New Innovation in Floor Care! 
Introducing the incredibly versatile i-mop!  Our customers are raving about how easy it is to use in kitchen areas.  Also the portability of the unit makes it great for parking garage landing areas outside of the elevators.  
Check it out today! 


Please visit our website at
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 1-800-652-1020 for more information!

Prepare for Winter: Special Pricing!

A good matting system is the cheapest custodian that you will ever put to work. 

Wet, cold, snow and MUD will visit soon!

Is it time to replace your mats? 

Special Fall Pricing! 15% off from September 1st to October 31st!
This video is less than four minutes long and will demonstrate how to keep the dirt and salt at the door instead of throughout your building and HVAC system.  
Andersen Company Sand and Water Video
Invite your BRUCO rep in to assess your matting needs before the snow flies!
15% off all In Stock Taski Equipment!
Taski XPR
TASKI® swingo XP-R
TASKI® swingo XP-R 
Round disc cleaning for customers requiring intensive heavy duty cleaning.
Key Features
  • Rugged, ergonomic design maintaining a professional image and increasing operator satisfaction
  • Easy get on get off
  • Total 360 degrees visibility around machine
  • Larger solution tank capacity increasing productivity up to 10%
  • Next generation electronics and software providing best-in-class driving experience
  • Compatible with TASKI Intellitrail Intelligent GPS Fleet Tracking system
  • Yellow maintenance points for easy everyday maintenance
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results for safe floors
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to standard scrubbers
  • Automatic cut out if operator steps off machine

Taski procarpet 45
TASKI® procarpet 45

TASKI® procarpet 45
45cm (18in) Carpet Cleaning System

Key Features
  • Excellent deep cleaning results 
  • High productivity 
  • Ease of operation 
  • Flexible operation 
Reliability and High Performance
  • TASKI procarpet 45 has been designed with the reliability found on all our floor care machines. TASKI has developed this machine using our expertise in vacuum pick-up and chemical application to design a high performance carpet cleaning with excellent results.
Flexible Application
  • TASKI procarpet 45 allows users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turnaround time and soil levels. The machine can be set-up for deep cleaning extraction for heavy soils or restorative type cleaning application and also be set-up for interim cleaning using our specifically formulated encapsulation chemical.
Taski swingo 2100
TASKI® swingo 2100μicro
TASKI® swingo 2100μicro

Key Features
  • Unrivalled performance
  • Advanced design
  • Intelligent total solution
Unrivalled performance
  • The new TASKI swingo 2100μicro offers unrivalled performance, benefiting from the combination of speed, small footprint, agility and large tank size. A totally new design of offset cleaning function allows reduction of manual work and seamless cleaning in large and small areas with the highest possible cleaning result and supporting a low total cost of ownership. 
Advanced design
  • TASKI swingo 2100µicro combines great overview, ergonomic working and high safety standards, benefiting from a protective tank design, active sitting concept and many other safety features. 
Taski swingo 1650
TASKI® swingo 1650

TASKI® swingo 1650
Large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm)

Key Features

  • Increased working autonomy
  • Excellent cleaning result  
  • Simplicity and ergonomic
  • Easy maintenance 

Increased working autonomy

Immediately dry floors
Simplicity and ergonomics
Easy maintenance

Invite your BRUCO rep to survey your building and make suggestions on what is needed where in your facility

Contact your local BRUCO rep
Give us a call at 800-652-1020
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Is Your Facility Compliant?

GHS Training:  Is Your Facility Compliant?
Effective Dates: 
December 1st, 2013 – Employers must train employees on the new label elements and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Format

June 1st, 2016 – Employers must update all labeling and hazard communication program as necessary.  All manufacturers, distributors, and facilities should be compliant.

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is now aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This update to the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) will provide a common and coherent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information on labels and safety data sheets.
Contact Brian Waddell, BRUCO University’s Director of Education to make arrangements to train your staff onsite or in our training center in Billings.
Brian Waddell
cell: 406-839-4724

T300 Specs
The New Versatile T300

BRUCO works hard to keep you up to date with the latest advances in floor equipment.  

Tennant has recently improved the technology of its T3 scrubber and renamed it the T300 and T300e.  This machine is incredibly versatile and is available with new ec-H20 NanoClean technology. 

The standard process of stripping a floor takes its toll physically on your facility maintenance team.  You must use stripper chemicals, 3-4 machines to get the finish off the floor and all the particulate cleaned up.  With the new T300 using the square orbital head, you can take a few coats of finish off in one pass without any chemicals while leaving no residue behind.  The square head enables you to get into corners and up to the baseboards.  Extending the pad beyond the head allows stripping the baseboards.

Here are just some of the highlights of this machine:  
  • Increased down pressure for stripping floors
  • Solution sprays directly on entire surface of pad instead of in front of it
  • Picks up the water and particulate in one pass reducing risk of wet floors
  • Option of detergent free cleaning options with Nano Clean
  • Use a turf pad for excellent tile and grout cleaning and for cleaning rubberized floors
  • The battery has a longer run time due to reduction in amps
If you’d like to hear more about how these Nano bubbles clean check out this short video:
Tennant's Sustainable Cleaning Solution
Tennant’s Sustainable Cleaning Solution

Act fast and take advantage of our Tennant Sale running through July 15th!  
5% off Corded Equipment
10% off Battery Powered Equipment
12% off ecH2O NanoClean

To get a quote or to schedule an onsite demo for equipment that you’re interested in, please email us, contact your local BRUCO rep or give us a call at 800-652-1020.  
BRUCO, Inc. |  800-652-1020 | |

A New Use For Irrigation Tubing

In the last issue, we talked about what BRUCO is doing to preserve the balance of nature that we all have the privilege to enjoy in the beautiful wilderness areas of Montana and Wyoming.
We’ve recently partnered with an innovative company that manufactures crop irrigation tubing which can only be used for one growing season. They collect the tubing at the end of the season to recycle them.  Delta Plastics recycling plant in Stuttgart, Arkansas takes the tubing which looks like this:
and transforms them into SCS-certified PCR resin which looks like this:
These beads are taken to the Revolution Bag plant where it’s converted into blown film to make EPA compliant Revolution trash bags.
John Brown University in Arkansas has an enrollment of about 2000 students which is a little smaller than Montana Tech.  They saved $5,000 annually by making the switch to Revolution Bags from their previous bag contract.  Just recently, Kum & Go, the fifth largest privately held convenience store chain was highlighted in this July 14th press release.
“With this initiative, Kum & Go has reduced the amount of material sent to the landfill by more than 30 percent while shrinking the use of virgin resin by over 97 percent,” said Tomas Boltnar, Cost Manager for Kum & Go.  “Revolution Bag provides an environmentally friendly solution with a significant cost savings.”
BRUCO is proud to have Revolution Bags as part of our line up of environmentally friendly companies.

 Contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020 for a list of sizes and pricing.


What is Rapidly Renewable Fiber?

What kind of paper have you chosen for your facility? Are you simply choosing the best product for the lowest price?  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that – but what constitutes ‘best’?  Best feel, best image, best fit for your current dispensers?  Have you thought about how the paper was manufactured and the impact it has on the world around us?  Due to the global economy, the world is getting smaller and the environmental impacts are felt much more quickly than even just fifty years ago.  This is why we all must take another look at best practices when making long term purchasing decisions.
As a supplier, we also decided to look at the bigger picture when choosing options to offer our customers.  Here are some of the reasons that we chose Solaris Paper.
  • The use of RRF or rapidly renewable fiber.  The wood used is from fast growing eucalyptus or acacia trees which have a six to eight year growth to harvest cycle.  Growing and harvesting their own trees instead of continuing to contribute to deforestation is a business practice we respect.
  • The processing of virgin wood leaves less of a carbon footprint than recycled paper.  One third of the raw materials used in recycled paper are sent to China to be de-inked and then produced into the final product which is then shipped back doubling carbon emissions.
  • Virgin fiber is brighter, whiter, and softer.  Recycled paper requires heavy use of strengthening  and processing chemicals which try to compensate for the natural strength and softness that virgin fiber provides.  Everyone knows the rough feel of a recycled paper towel.  Also, on the subject of processing chemicals, virgin fiber doesn’t need the addition of optical brightening agents that recycled paper does.
  • Solaris paper towels don’t ‘bloom’ like a recycled paper towel.  When it’s crumpled and thrown into the wastebasket, it holds its shape as it dries.  Recycled paper blooms resulting in more liners being used and more man hours spent replacing them.

So what’s really ‘best’?  The best part of this is that when you have us do an in depth comparison of your current paper products and the Solaris line, you’ll most likely come out ahead in price as well.

 Contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020 to have a price comparison drawn up for your facility.