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Facility Solutions: Cleaning Outcomes Assessment

What if you made the time this year to have a third party assess your cleaning processes with the goal of reducing operational costs and improving neglected areas of your facility? 
How does this translate into increasing your bottom line?
Anything you can do to increase occupant productivity and decrease absenteeism, energy costs, and risk of injury to your staff, means a healthier budget and a happier team.
A Cleaning Outcomes Assessment focuses on appearance levels and the workplace environment.
  • Image Enhancement
  • Occupant Productivity
  • Absenteeism and Infection Prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Preservation

When is the last time you surveyed your building occupants about what they think of the cleanliness and appearance of your facility?  An anonymous Occupant Survey from a randomly chosen group gives you an inside view.

Then, our team assesses cleanliness throughout the facility and documents each area with an ATP meter.  An ATP meter is a tool used to swab and measure the amount of organic material left on a surface. HTO’s (Highly Touched Objects) are measured after the cleaning process to validate the effectiveness of your current procedures.  In addition to those ratings, we log hundreds of photographs and audio recordings. These are condensed into an Inspection Report.

The Operational Efficiency report takes a look at what tasks are taking most of your staff’s time. For instance, in one assessment, we found that simply changing a few cleaning processes freed up 4391 labor hours annually. Not only did we find those hours but pointed out that shifting those man hours to HTO cleaning will reduce absenteeism and bring the facility’s cleanliness up to a new standard.

2 minutes on the Value of Clean - BRUCO, INC
2 minutes on the Value of Clean – BRUCO, INC
We’re also concerned with asset preservation and looking at what surfaces are being prematurely worn out or replaced and how to lengthen that life cycle.

Another important focus of the Cleaning Outcomes Assessment is Occupant Safety Risks.  We’ll look at things like reducing use of chemicals, improving indoor air quality, how to reduce slips and fall risks, and where you can reduce heavy lifting and repetitive motion injuries. It’s not just about looking at how clean the building is, but how to clean the building more safely and reduce risks.

Our mission is to improve your business through the practical application of knowledge based solutions and best practices.

To start the initial conversation about your Cleaning Outcomes Assessment, contact Brian Waddell on his cell at 406.839.4724 or click on the link below to respond now by email.

Meet our team of experts! 

Our Facility Solutions Consulting team has a combined 23 years of experience in the industry. Educating your team is our highest priority.  When “We Teach Clean” the suits come off and we work side by side with your crew.

Brian Waddell 058sm
Brian Waddell Director of Education and Consulting
Adam Uselman  Chief Operating Officer
Adam Uselman
Chief Operating Officer
Eastern Montana Sales Manager
Eastern Montana Sales Manager


How Dirty is Your Child’s School?

How Dirty Is Your Child's School? (ISSA)

If it looks clean, does it mean it’s actually clean? A water fountain spigot typically has 843 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
BRUCO’s Cleaning Outcome Assessment uses data to identify how well the Highly Touched Objects in your child’s school are being cleaned.  Improvements are made using quantitative standards and training to keep student and teacher absences down and to raise the building’s overall health.

To find out more about an assessment for your facility, contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020!