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Prepare for Winter: Special Pricing!

A good matting system is the cheapest custodian that you will ever put to work. 

Wet, cold, snow and MUD will visit soon!

Is it time to replace your mats? 

Special Fall Pricing! 15% off from September 1st to October 31st!
This video is less than four minutes long and will demonstrate how to keep the dirt and salt at the door instead of throughout your building and HVAC system.  
Andersen Company Sand and Water Video
Invite your BRUCO rep in to assess your matting needs before the snow flies!
15% off all In Stock Taski Equipment!
Taski XPR
TASKI® swingo XP-R
TASKI® swingo XP-R 
Round disc cleaning for customers requiring intensive heavy duty cleaning.
Key Features
  • Rugged, ergonomic design maintaining a professional image and increasing operator satisfaction
  • Easy get on get off
  • Total 360 degrees visibility around machine
  • Larger solution tank capacity increasing productivity up to 10%
  • Next generation electronics and software providing best-in-class driving experience
  • Compatible with TASKI Intellitrail Intelligent GPS Fleet Tracking system
  • Yellow maintenance points for easy everyday maintenance
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results for safe floors
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to standard scrubbers
  • Automatic cut out if operator steps off machine

Taski procarpet 45
TASKI® procarpet 45

TASKI® procarpet 45
45cm (18in) Carpet Cleaning System

Key Features
  • Excellent deep cleaning results 
  • High productivity 
  • Ease of operation 
  • Flexible operation 
Reliability and High Performance
  • TASKI procarpet 45 has been designed with the reliability found on all our floor care machines. TASKI has developed this machine using our expertise in vacuum pick-up and chemical application to design a high performance carpet cleaning with excellent results.
Flexible Application
  • TASKI procarpet 45 allows users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turnaround time and soil levels. The machine can be set-up for deep cleaning extraction for heavy soils or restorative type cleaning application and also be set-up for interim cleaning using our specifically formulated encapsulation chemical.
Taski swingo 2100
TASKI® swingo 2100μicro
TASKI® swingo 2100μicro

Key Features
  • Unrivalled performance
  • Advanced design
  • Intelligent total solution
Unrivalled performance
  • The new TASKI swingo 2100μicro offers unrivalled performance, benefiting from the combination of speed, small footprint, agility and large tank size. A totally new design of offset cleaning function allows reduction of manual work and seamless cleaning in large and small areas with the highest possible cleaning result and supporting a low total cost of ownership. 
Advanced design
  • TASKI swingo 2100µicro combines great overview, ergonomic working and high safety standards, benefiting from a protective tank design, active sitting concept and many other safety features. 
Taski swingo 1650
TASKI® swingo 1650

TASKI® swingo 1650
Large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm)

Key Features

  • Increased working autonomy
  • Excellent cleaning result  
  • Simplicity and ergonomic
  • Easy maintenance 

Increased working autonomy

Immediately dry floors
Simplicity and ergonomics
Easy maintenance

Invite your BRUCO rep to survey your building and make suggestions on what is needed where in your facility

Contact your local BRUCO rep
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Is Your Facility Compliant?

GHS Training:  Is Your Facility Compliant?
Effective Dates: 
December 1st, 2013 – Employers must train employees on the new label elements and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Format

June 1st, 2016 – Employers must update all labeling and hazard communication program as necessary.  All manufacturers, distributors, and facilities should be compliant.

The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is now aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This update to the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) will provide a common and coherent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information on labels and safety data sheets.
Contact Brian Waddell, BRUCO University’s Director of Education to make arrangements to train your staff onsite or in our training center in Billings.
Brian Waddell
cell: 406-839-4724

T300 Specs
The New Versatile T300

BRUCO works hard to keep you up to date with the latest advances in floor equipment.  

Tennant has recently improved the technology of its T3 scrubber and renamed it the T300 and T300e.  This machine is incredibly versatile and is available with new ec-H20 NanoClean technology. 

The standard process of stripping a floor takes its toll physically on your facility maintenance team.  You must use stripper chemicals, 3-4 machines to get the finish off the floor and all the particulate cleaned up.  With the new T300 using the square orbital head, you can take a few coats of finish off in one pass without any chemicals while leaving no residue behind.  The square head enables you to get into corners and up to the baseboards.  Extending the pad beyond the head allows stripping the baseboards.

Here are just some of the highlights of this machine:  
  • Increased down pressure for stripping floors
  • Solution sprays directly on entire surface of pad instead of in front of it
  • Picks up the water and particulate in one pass reducing risk of wet floors
  • Option of detergent free cleaning options with Nano Clean
  • Use a turf pad for excellent tile and grout cleaning and for cleaning rubberized floors
  • The battery has a longer run time due to reduction in amps
If you’d like to hear more about how these Nano bubbles clean check out this short video:
Tennant's Sustainable Cleaning Solution
Tennant’s Sustainable Cleaning Solution

Act fast and take advantage of our Tennant Sale running through July 15th!  
5% off Corded Equipment
10% off Battery Powered Equipment
12% off ecH2O NanoClean

To get a quote or to schedule an onsite demo for equipment that you’re interested in, please email us, contact your local BRUCO rep or give us a call at 800-652-1020.  
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GO Cordless!

A cordless backpack vacuum may seem like a luxury until you work the numbers.
Studies have shown that quality battery backpack vacuums, like the GoFree Flex Pro designed by ProTeam, clean up to 18,000 sq. ft. per hour.
Sq. Ft. per Hour
Cost per 10,000 sq ft. at $15 per hour
Upright Vacuum 2,850 $52.60
Corded Backpack Vacuum
Battery Backpack Vacuum
In a facility that vacuums 10,000 square feet per day, you would save $9,926 over the course of one year based on 264 working days between an upright and a corded backpack and would save $11,695 between an upright and a battery backpack.  Backpack vacuums pay for themselves in a few months.
The cordless backpack has many advantages and is a perfect choice for healthcare facilities, schools and offices.
Check out this quick video to see all the reasons why.
ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro

  • Quiet operation allows for daytime cleaning
  • Eliminate trip hazards
  • Vacuum around chairs without having to take time move them out of the way
  • Great for stairwells where there may be no outlets
  • No cords to get hung up on cubicle panels and display racks
  • Great for hard floor surface cleaning

Call your BRUCO rep and we’ll do an ROI calculation for you to determine how many months it would take for this huge time saver to pay for itself!



Hire Some Equipment! Part Three

Carpet is one of the bigger investments in your facility. It provides a warmer feel to the environment, sound reduction and great design elements.  The care required to extend the life of this investment is significant. However, it can be the most neglected floor surface in your building.  Why?  Because spills and dirt are obvious on a hard floor surface while carpeting absorbs and hides them.  This means that a strict carpet maintenance program must be followed.
The saying or quote Time is Money on a white clock to symbolize the value and fleeting nature of time
Check out some money saving strategies to maintain your carpet and free up man hours.
Many facilities’ daily carpet care equipment consists of upright vacuums or backpack vacs.
Have you considered integrating a riding sweeper into your daily carpet care program?  Here is a comparison of integrating a riding battery powered sweeper for large carpeted areas or long carpeted hallways.


If you were to use the riding sweeper over the backpack vacuum, you would save 6.48 minutes per 1,000 square feet.  If you had 10,000 square feet of carpet, that would translate to 64.8 minutes per day and let’s say your facility operates 365 days per year, that’s 394.2 man hours per year that could be spent elsewhere in maintaining the facility.
If you’re currently using upright vacuums for large carpeted areas, you would save 18.01 minutes per 1,000 square feet.  With 10,000 square feet of carpet (365 days), that translates to 3 hours per day or 1,095.6 hours per year.
A forty hour per week employee working 50 weeks per year puts in 2000 hours per year (over half a year of work saved just on carpet care).  At a loaded cost of $15 per hour, that’s a $16,434 savings.  A Tennant Model 6100 38″ Battery Riding Sweeper retails at $16,112.
Depending on the square feet of open carpet space in your facility, do the math and find out how many years it would take to get a return on your investment.  Or just call your BRUCO rep and we’ll do it for you!
For interim cleaning and restorative care, we recommend the Tennant 1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner with Ready Space.  The 1610 allows you to easily clean high traffic areas more often so that you’ll need to extract less often.
Some facilities use the 1610 in Ready Space mode during normal business hours because carpeting is normally dry in less than 30 minutes.
This video shows you how the soil transfer rollers make this an outstanding piece of equipment.
Time is money.  Money spent on equipment is time saved and injuries avoided.  Provide cleaner, safer and more productive environments by hiring some equipment!


Check out the Tennant discounts below through July 31st!  If you’d like a quote, please contact us online or give us a call at 800.652.1020!


Act Now – Special Offer Expires July 31st!!!
Tennant Equipment Sale!
Riders:  12% Discount
Battery Walk Behinds:  8% Discount
Corded Electric:  5% Discount
Call your BRUCO rep or our showroom at 
for a quote today!

Hire Some Equipment! Part Two

In the first part of this series we talked about some quick ROI’s when investing in autoscrubbers. This month, I’d like to take a look at a company whose new innovations are BIG time savers!
The saying or quote Time is Money on a white clock to symbolize the value and fleeting nature of time
KaiVac offers fantastic solutions to BIG problems…like equipment that allows touchless bathroom cleaning. Who wouldn’t want to eliminate the need to kneel down and reach around toilets all day to disinfect them? Consider saving tons of time and lowering your risk of back injuries by Hiring Some Equipment in the KaiVac line of products.
I must confess, I’ve cleaned my share of toilets, and when I saw this machine in action, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  KaiVac is showing us a better way to clean than sloshing around dirty water with mops, hauling buckets and wrapping ourselves around toilets.
See for yourself in this video:
The FACTS about Kaivac's Process
The FACTS about KaiVac’s Process
This is worth repeating from the video.  “KaiVac’s patented systems are scientifically proven to be 30 to 60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than other methods.”
“Trained operators can achieve results in one half to one third the time required for traditional mopping processes.”
KaiVac just came out with their newest innovation to clean large areas quickly.
We envision this battery powered AutoVac being set up every morning ready to go to:
  • police slip and fall areas through out the day
  • clean gym floors and wrestling mats
  • quick clean ups in food service areas and cafeterias
  • be on hand in convenience stores
  • clean large box store entrances
Introducing Battery-Powered AutoVac
Introducing Battery-Powered AutoVac
Time is money.  Money spent on equipment is time saved and injuries avoided.  Provide cleaner, safer and more productive environments by hiring some equipment!


Hire Some Equipment!

We’ve all got budgets to manage and it’s that time of year for schools and other businesses.
To help you when considering where to allocate those dollars I’m going to give you an example of a return on your investment of a riding scrubber over mopping by hand or a walk behind scrubber.
Even in the short term, you’ll see a savings but when you look at the 10 year return, the results are dramatic.
For example, one of the school districts we work with were using a mop and bucket to clean 22,200 square feet of corridors including the cafeteria and gymnasium.  When comparing the cost of equipment and labor in the first year the difference between the two solutions was $3,500 higher than the mop and bucket to use the riding scrubber.
However, over the next ten years, this school saved $125,000 by automating the solution.  That’s $12,500 per year.
That’s obviously a big savings going from mop and bucket to riding scrubber, not to mention taking the physical strain off of the custodial staff.
What if you’re using a walk behind scrubber versus a riding scrubber?
At a retirement center in Wyoming we did an analysis.  They spend 4 hours per day cleaning floors with the walk behind compared to 1.33 hours per day with a riding scrubber.  Based on a loaded hourly wage of $15 per hour, they saved $2,000 in the first year.
Over the next ten years, they will save $112,050.  This enables them to reallocate 747 labor hours to take care of other more critical areas of concern such as preventing hospital acquired infections by cleaning highly touched objects more frequently.


If you’d like our staff to work with you on putting numbers around upgrading your processes in order to reallocate labor hours for your facility, please contact us online or give us a call at 800.652.1020!

A New Use For Irrigation Tubing

In the last issue, we talked about what BRUCO is doing to preserve the balance of nature that we all have the privilege to enjoy in the beautiful wilderness areas of Montana and Wyoming.
We’ve recently partnered with an innovative company that manufactures crop irrigation tubing which can only be used for one growing season. They collect the tubing at the end of the season to recycle them.  Delta Plastics recycling plant in Stuttgart, Arkansas takes the tubing which looks like this:
and transforms them into SCS-certified PCR resin which looks like this:
These beads are taken to the Revolution Bag plant where it’s converted into blown film to make EPA compliant Revolution trash bags.
John Brown University in Arkansas has an enrollment of about 2000 students which is a little smaller than Montana Tech.  They saved $5,000 annually by making the switch to Revolution Bags from their previous bag contract.  Just recently, Kum & Go, the fifth largest privately held convenience store chain was highlighted in this July 14th press release.
“With this initiative, Kum & Go has reduced the amount of material sent to the landfill by more than 30 percent while shrinking the use of virgin resin by over 97 percent,” said Tomas Boltnar, Cost Manager for Kum & Go.  “Revolution Bag provides an environmentally friendly solution with a significant cost savings.”
BRUCO is proud to have Revolution Bags as part of our line up of environmentally friendly companies.

 Contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020 for a list of sizes and pricing.


Highly Touched Objects Cleaning

‘Tis the season that we all get closed up in building together and increase our risk of bringing home something more than the bacon.
In a study of 400 managers and employees conducted by HLW International LLP (Buildings, 1999), employees’ productivity levels were determined to be heavily influenced by the cleanliness of the office in which they worked.
The study found that cleaning has a very real and measurable value, specifically reporting a 5 percent productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100 associate office with an average salary of $25,000.
While you might think that a toilet seat is one of the most highly infectious parts of your building, think again.  Be aware of these key areas that are highly responsible for transmitting bacteria and viruses.
45 germs per sq inch –Office Toilet Seats
3200 germs per sq inch — School Toilet Seats
1676 germs per sq. inch — Computer Mouse
3300 germs per sq. inch — Keyboard
12,000 germs per sq. inch — Office Desktop
25,000 germs per sq. inch — Office Telephones
2,700,000 bacteria per sq inch — Water Fountain Spigot
Some other culprits are:
  • School desktops which have 400 times more germs per sq. inch than a toilet seat
  • Touch screen terminals which are becoming more prevalent in small retail stores
  • Restroom and any other door knobs
  • Bathroom hand rails
  • Toilet flush handles
  • Sinks
  • Elevator buttons
  • Chair arm rests including the underpart of the arm rest
And don’t forget the break room.  Kitchens typically have a much higher level of bacteria than the restrooms and if you use a sponge, throw it away.  It carries the highest rate of bacteria than any other surface.  In the workplace, the safest thing to go with is disinfectant disposable wipes.
It’s important to review with your staff the importance of disinfecting these highly touched objects daily or several times a day depending on the traffic the area gets.  A disinfectant will kill 99.9% of pathogenic agents.
Dwell times are very important.  School desks can have up to 400 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet seat.  Be aware of the dwell times and don’t move too quickly through your cleaning tasks as it may just cancel out what your intention was.  The disinfectant has to have time to work.  This can be as low as 2 minutes if using a disinfectant like Perisept.
Consider what happens when you clean a surface by spraying and wiping. First of all, you won’t get complete coverage and the misting of chemicals is not something you want to breathe.  Take a look at this example of using pretreated microfiber in a patient room.  This method evenly distributes the disinfectant and ensures adequate dwell time.
Cleaning a Patient Room with Microfiber -- BRUCO, Inc.
Cleaning a Patient Room with Microfiber — BRUCO, Inc.
This is much quicker since you’re not dealing with a mop and bucket for the floors and you’re not spraying and wiping.  It cuts out several steps of the cleaning process which means you’ll have more time to go after more of those highly touched objects throughout your facility.
Supply your staff with disinfectant wipes to clean their desks, phone, keyboards and mice at the end of each day since desk areas aren’t usually touched by the cleaning staff.
Everyone has to work together to keep infections at bay.  You can’t solely rely on the cleaning staff to cover everything.  Every department should have best practices that they follow to help carry the load.  They should also be encouraged to stay home if they are sick.

Facility Solutions: Cleaning Outcomes Assessment

What if you made the time this year to have a third party assess your cleaning processes with the goal of reducing operational costs and improving neglected areas of your facility? 
How does this translate into increasing your bottom line?
Anything you can do to increase occupant productivity and decrease absenteeism, energy costs, and risk of injury to your staff, means a healthier budget and a happier team.
A Cleaning Outcomes Assessment focuses on appearance levels and the workplace environment.
  • Image Enhancement
  • Occupant Productivity
  • Absenteeism and Infection Prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Preservation

When is the last time you surveyed your building occupants about what they think of the cleanliness and appearance of your facility?  An anonymous Occupant Survey from a randomly chosen group gives you an inside view.

Then, our team assesses cleanliness throughout the facility and documents each area with an ATP meter.  An ATP meter is a tool used to swab and measure the amount of organic material left on a surface. HTO’s (Highly Touched Objects) are measured after the cleaning process to validate the effectiveness of your current procedures.  In addition to those ratings, we log hundreds of photographs and audio recordings. These are condensed into an Inspection Report.

The Operational Efficiency report takes a look at what tasks are taking most of your staff’s time. For instance, in one assessment, we found that simply changing a few cleaning processes freed up 4391 labor hours annually. Not only did we find those hours but pointed out that shifting those man hours to HTO cleaning will reduce absenteeism and bring the facility’s cleanliness up to a new standard.

2 minutes on the Value of Clean - BRUCO, INC
2 minutes on the Value of Clean – BRUCO, INC
We’re also concerned with asset preservation and looking at what surfaces are being prematurely worn out or replaced and how to lengthen that life cycle.

Another important focus of the Cleaning Outcomes Assessment is Occupant Safety Risks.  We’ll look at things like reducing use of chemicals, improving indoor air quality, how to reduce slips and fall risks, and where you can reduce heavy lifting and repetitive motion injuries. It’s not just about looking at how clean the building is, but how to clean the building more safely and reduce risks.

Our mission is to improve your business through the practical application of knowledge based solutions and best practices.

To start the initial conversation about your Cleaning Outcomes Assessment, contact Brian Waddell on his cell at 406.839.4724 or click on the link below to respond now by email.

Meet our team of experts! 

Our Facility Solutions Consulting team has a combined 23 years of experience in the industry. Educating your team is our highest priority.  When “We Teach Clean” the suits come off and we work side by side with your crew.

Brian Waddell 058sm
Brian Waddell Director of Education and Consulting
Adam Uselman  Chief Operating Officer
Adam Uselman
Chief Operating Officer
Eastern Montana Sales Manager
Eastern Montana Sales Manager


How Dirty is Your Child’s School?

How Dirty Is Your Child's School? (ISSA)

If it looks clean, does it mean it’s actually clean? A water fountain spigot typically has 843 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
BRUCO’s Cleaning Outcome Assessment uses data to identify how well the Highly Touched Objects in your child’s school are being cleaned.  Improvements are made using quantitative standards and training to keep student and teacher absences down and to raise the building’s overall health.

To find out more about an assessment for your facility, contact us by email or call our office at 800.652.1020!